Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to update our FBCMB cookbook and you are invited to share your favorite casserole, dessert, salad, etc. so that we can include it in our new cookbook in time for our 90th anniversary celebration.

You have 2 choices for submitting your recipe. If you are not tech savvy or just like to handwrite your recipe, pick up a form on the entry hall table and you can return the form to us once you have written your recipe. Or, you can submit your recipe using an online form at (the username is FBCMB90 and the password is Joy101). You will also need to pick up the second page which give Recipe Writing Tips, or you can give them online. We would like to have all recipes returned / submitting by July 1, 2019 so it can be printed in time.

The cost for each cookbook will be approximately $10 and if you order more than 1, the cost may be reduced. We will keep you updated as to any changes in this pricing. We will be ordering around 200 copies unless we find there is more/less interest.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Janet Lonneberg - (281) 389-5956 or Kathy Parker - (281) 383-2522